Max McCallum is a full time student located in Melbourne, Australia who has been working with digital media since 2006. Max grew up in an extremely design-conscious environment; having parents working in the textile design, interior design and building industries. This allowed Max to develop a discerning eye and strong design principles from a young age.

Currently, Max is studying full time while being involved in personal and freelance projects on the side.

Design Skills
Max has worked extensively with both traditional and digital media; including technical drawing, freehand drawing, rendering, water colour and oil paints and pen/ink. Max has a strong interest in screen printing for both textile and print applications, and much of his inspiration springs from screen printed works. Max’s strongest skills lie in the digital realm, having extensive experience in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Flash to name a few.

Design Style
Max's design style is inspired by minimalism and modernism, always aiming for elegence and subtlty. Max's designs often focus on layout and the presentation of information in a stylish but logical format. His main passions are for editorial and publication design, typography, posters and invitations.